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Don't just hire a copywriter.
Hire an advocate.


Why hire me?

Because I'm a believer.

When it comes to nutritional supplements and alternative health, I do the walking as well as the talking.

Nutraceuticals play a vital role in keeping me, my husband, and my four children healthy. In fact, when it comes to healthcare, traditional allopathic medicine is our option of last resort these days. I won't bore you with the details of how I think institutionalized medicine failed my family. Suffice it to say that nutritional supplements, natural medicine, and alternative approaches are the foundation of my family's wellness.

And that's why you won't find a more passionate advocate for supplements and alternative medicine.

Of course, all that wouldn't be worth beans to you if I weren't also a skilled copywriter. I've written for some of the biggest direct mailers in the country, as well as small, independent nutraceutical marketers. I write for both web and print, in all formats. (See some of my success stories.) There's nothing more exciting to me than seeing a product or service help people to feel better.

If you're in the natural heath business and are looking for someone who can get your message out to the people who need it, let's talk.
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Eileen Coale
Telephone: 410 757-0821
Email: eileen@thenaturalhealthcopywriter.com




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