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Attention natural health marketers: Are your products getting lost in today's crowded marketplace?

Here's a fast and cost-effective way to improve sales almost instantly.

In 2006 consumers spent an estimated $20 billion on alternative and natural health supplements. Did you get your share?

Probably not, if you're still using only old-style techniques in your marketing. And if you think having a web presence makes your marketing cutting-edge, think again. Regardless of the medium, chances are you're making mistakes that make your products sound like all the others out there.

Natural health marketers today face a whopping challenge. You have to differentiate your products and services from every other "it's good for you" product and service out there while trying to remain in compliance with FTC and FDA advertising regulations. Sound familiar? If so, I can help. As a copywriter who specializes in working with natural health companies, I can help you to:

--> Differentiate your product or service from the competition without risking the wrath of government agencies

--> Turn more prospects into profitable, paying customers

--> Nurture ongoing relationships with customers

--> Boost the lifetime value of each customer

By adding a few simple direct response techniques to your current marketing program, you can attract new customers and increase the average amount of each sale.

You'll learn about these simple techniques in my special report, 7 Mistakes in Natural Health Marketing ... and 7 Easy Remedies. This report is free. Simply click here to request your complimentary PDF copy. While you're there, I suggest you also sign up for my free biweekly ezine, Natural Health Marketing Notes.

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7 mistakes

Are your marketing mistakes costing you customers? Request a complimentary copy of my special report,
7 Mistakes in Natural Health Marketing ... And 7 Easy Remedies.